The 10th International Conference on Legionella



Toward the 10th International Legionnaires' Conference
What's a Wonderful Legionella World: From Basic Research To Hot-Spring Spa!

Department of Microbiology and Infectious Diseases
Toho University School of Medicine
Professor Kazuhiro Tateda

 After being postponed for a year due to the new coronavirus infection, the 10th International Legionella Conference will be held at Yokohama Hamagin Hall from September 20(Tuesday)to 24(Saturday), 2022. As you know, the discovery of Legionnaires' disease dates back to 1976 when a mass infection occurred in the cooling tower of a hotel in Philadelphia, USA. The following year, a new species of bacteria, Legionella, was established through successful cultivation. It is noteworthy that the first case in Japan was reported by Dr. Atsushi Saito in 1981, only four years later. Currently, more than 2,000 cases of Legionella pneumonia are reported annually in Japan, but it is thought that there are still many cases of Legionnaires' disease that are overlooked. It is now a common practice in clinical practice to differentiate Legionella pneumonia from severe community-acquired pneumonia if the pneumonia is resistant to β-lactam agents. In particular, the widespread use of urine antigen tests has had an extremely large impact. Initially, imported kits were used, but now, as you know, several diagnostic companies have developed new kits.
 Another important aspect of Legionnaires' disease is the fact that the organism is widespread in the natural aquatic environment. The first cases of Legionnaires' disease were reported in cooling towers, but since then, Legionnaires' disease outbreaks have been reported in fountains, showers, hot springs, recirculating bathtubs and Jacuzzis all over the world. However, since then, many cases of Legionnaires' disease have been reported from all over the world. I am convinced that the International Conference on Legionnaires' Disease will be a valuable opportunity to bring together doctors from various fields with Legionella as the keyword, covering distribution in nature, clinical epidemiology, molecular mechanisms, pathogenicity, and the relationship between the water environment and Legionella.
 At present, it is difficult to predict the status of new coronavirus infections at the end of September 2022. However, with the acceleration of vaccination and the development of new therapeutic agents, I believe that we will be able to welcome the 10th International Legionnaires' Conference in a better situation than now. I hope that many professors will gather for the 10th conference, and that interdisciplinary exchange through Legionnaires' disease will become more and more active, and that Legionnaires' disease research will develop further as a result.

第10回 国際レジオネラ学会開催に向けて
What’s a Wonderful Legionella World: From Basic Research To Hot-Spring Spa!

教授 舘田 一博

 新型コロナウイルス感染症の影響で1年間延期となってしまいましたが、2022年9月20日(火曜日)~24日(土曜日)に横浜はまぎんホールで第10回国際レジオネラ学会を開催させていただくことになりました。ご存じのように、レジオネラ症の発見は1976年米国フィラデルフィアのホテルの冷却塔を原因とした集団感染にまで遡ります。その翌年には培養に成功して新しい菌種、レジオネラ属細菌が確立しました。それからわずか4年後の1981年に本邦の第1例目が斎藤 厚先生により報告されたことは特筆されるべき事実です。現在では本邦で年間2,000例を超えるレジオネラ肺炎が報告されるようになっていますが、まだまだ見逃されているレジオネラ症が多く存在するものと考えられます。今では重症の市中肺炎をみたら、βラクタム剤に抵抗性を示す肺炎であればレジオネラを鑑別するというのが臨床現場の常識となっています。特に尿中抗原検査の普及は極めて大きなインパクトを与えたといって良いでしょう。最初は輸入のキットを用いていましたが、今では複数の診断関連企業が新しいキットを開発していることはご承知の通りです。

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